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Charm Sciences Introduces New MycoTube Portable Aflatoxin Screening Test

MycoTube Aflatoxin Field Test

Charm Sciences announces the new MycoTube Portable Aflatoxin Screening test, the only five-minute field test for detection of aflatoxin in grains and feed.

The MycoTube test is simple to perform and is ideal for use in the field, as it does not require any specialized equipment, solvents, or electricity, and provides results at detection levels between 10 to 100 ppb. Results are available in as little as five minutes. All that is needed is the MycoTube testing kit, a small ground sample, and water. To perform the test, place the ground sample in the MycoTube vial, add water, then shake the sample and allow it to settle. Add the MycoTube test strip and allow to sit for five minutes. Results are easy to read.

“The new Charm MycoTube Portable Aflatoxin Screening test is ideal for use in remote areas, where laboratory testing is unavailable. It’s a fast, portable test that provides accurate results in just five minutes,” said Anita Galas – Charm Sciences Sales & Marketing Consultant – Africa. “Testing is performed with no need for specialized equipment or electricity, making it simple to conduct real-time determinations of contamination levels—a critical step in preventing contaminated products from reaching consumers.”

The MycoTube test can be performed anywhere from in fields during harvest time to commodity transport.

About Charm Sciences

Established in 1978 in Greater Boston, Charm Sciences helps protect consumers, manufacturers, and global brands from a variety of issues through the development of food safety, water quality, and environmental diagnostics tests and equipment. Selling directly and through its network of distributors, Charm’s products serve the dairy, feed and grain, food and beverage, water, healthcare, environmental, and industrial markets in more than 100 countries around the globe.

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