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Tetracycline Safe Level Test Approved for NCIMS Appendix N Pilot Program

Charm Sciences, Inc. is pleased to announce the Charm® ROSA® Tetracycline-SL (Dilution Confirmation) Test (TET-SL) has been accepted by the National Conference on Interstate Milk Shipments (NCIMS) Laboratory Committee and Appendix N Committee as a drug residue test kit for tetracycline in its Pilot Program, set to launch July 1, 2017.

The NCIMS voted at its annual meeting in April, 2015 to establish a pilot program to expand testing beyond beta-lactams to include tetracycline. The FDA evaluated methods and those that met specifications were recommended for acceptance to the committees.  The Charm TET-SL test was the first tetracycline test to be included in the Pilot Program and is now going through formalization as an FDA reviewed and NCIMS accepted truck screening method.

“The TET-SL strip detects Chlortetracycline, Oxytetracycline, and Tetracycline in one lateral flow test,” said Robert Salter, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at Charm Sciences. “This test has been designed for use by dairy, intake, laboratory, field, and regulatory personnel. It meets US Tolerances with a confirmatory dilution step, and in the initial assay detects tetracyclines in raw milk at or below 100 µg/kg, the EU and CODEX MRL, and Canadian AMRL. The method works with all existing Charm ROSA equipment, including the EZ® system, that are currently used by clients to run beta-lactam testing on trucks.  No additional laboratory certification is required for those clients to start testing to meet the pilot program testing requirements.”

The Charm EZ system is an all-in-one test platform for incubation and reading of results and built-in diagnostic tools to help prevent operator errors. Clear, rapid results can clear individual cows and safely increase the amount of milk sent to market.

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